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29 November 2017

Keep your hands off the maid!

London escortsWe’re appealing to those of you who have cleaners, maids and other household staff. Whilst we realise that the temptation to pursue an affair with one or more of these people, it’s simply not worth the trouble. Do you know how many families and marriages are ruined by these sorts of affairs? Even brief flings can quickly turn into something you’d much rather not have started. She may be younger, attractive and highly sexed, but think about it!

If you’re craving the attentions of another woman, wouldn’t it be much better to book a professional companion to alleviate this desire? London escorts are there for this very reason. Some would say that these women are awful homewreckers, but we would argue the other way. They’ve actually saved more marriages and families than you could imagine! Booking a London escort once in a while, rather than chasing around after and flirting with young women who are much too close to your family, is much safer.

Don’t play close to home

Once of the main problems encountered by gents who have affairs like this with their house staff, is that the young women in questions can’t handle it. Whilst you may well be able to carry on as usual whilst having an affair, it’s quite often that eventually it’s not going to be enough for her. They’re not professionals, and like any other woman, she desires closeness, dedication, attention and affection. And this is something that you simply won’t be able to give her if you’re already married. A London escort is never going to demand anything from you, other than her fee. That’s it, and there’s not hassle!

Speaking of playing close to home, if you’re booking London escorts, do this on the other side of town too. If you live in and around London you need to make sure that no-one will notice what you’re doing. It’s a smaller world than you think! So book your London escorts elsewhere, or book them near to where you work and where it won’t seem odd to be seen there. We have an enormous amount of London escorts, all ready to satiate your desire for female interaction, and they are located literally all over London!

So, if you’re thinking about having an affair, don’t!

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