Keep yourself in good mental health fellas!

well dressed brunette escortGood mental health

It’s a hard world we live in, and it’s even harder in London. We know some of you will agree with that much. One day you have it all (or seem to), and the next it’s all gone. It can happen this quickly in London, so there’s little wonder everyone is so tightly wound. You need to look after your mental health gentlemen. We know that our London escort can help you enormously there of course, but we do have a few other hints and tips for you to consider.

Get outside!

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, you need to spend more time in the outdoors. Fresh air and exercise will always be very good for you mentally. Virtually ever study ever done in recent years will concur with us here. If you can get back to nature a little too, that’s also a big help. Not only do green areas with plenty of trees and such successfully oxygenate, they’re also beautiful and calming to be around.

Get some exercise

A little more connected to the first point we know, but it needn’t always be running or something like that. You can get away with just taking a long walk in the park. However, recent studies has also suggested that lifting weights and doing body weight exercises are also good for you. You’ll also start to look better too of course, so this will do wonders for your confidence too.

Social networks

A long time ago people used to pull these networks to pieces and blame them for making people isolated. It’s not the case  now apparently. Yet more studies into male depression have suggested that having even short message interaction with someone online is very healthy indeed if you’re feeling particularly isolated and alone.


Not everyone is a “hobby” type of guy we know. Unless you count London escort hobbyists of course! We’re not joking actually. A London escort hobby is very good for you. You can take it to the next level too if you want. Catalogue the girls you see and write about your encounters, and even share them online in the form of reviews. You’ll be helping others out too.

Aside from escorting, hobbies in general are very good for your mental health because they give your mind something else to do, and something else to look forward to when you have finished work etc. or something to do at the weekend.

Girls will always be attracted to a happy man

And not just London escorts either! Most women can sense natural confidence and contentment in a man. This is probably why married men get hit on so often! Isn’t that always the case? You’re out in a bar with your friends and you start getting looks from women and some even flirt with you? It’s because you’re not paying them any attention and you’re minding your own business. If there’s anything a woman is attracted to, it’s an unavailable man! Women eh?

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