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Classy Courtesans

Indeed, you should gents! Knightsbridge escorts are among that set of elite women that really can turn any occasion into a very classy one. It really doesn’t matter what you have planned, they’ll give it the sophistication it deserves. Well, within reason of course! If you’re planning to have dinner in KFC, then there isn’t much any type of escort can do to heighten that atmosphere! But that’s not your style is it? You wouldn’t be browsing Knightsbridge escorts on a very high class agency website otherwise.

Knightsbridge escorts on the town

Now, let’s take a look at where you’re more likely to go. Bet you a fiver we can guess where you like to eat out in Knightsbridge! We know for a fact that Knightsbridge escorts from all over the area love to eat in these place; not just from Park Lane Escorts:

·         Chisou - 31 Beauchamp Place. It might not seem the obvious choice to some of you, but we just know that a number of you have eaten here, or you’re at least thinking about it. Chisou is rapidly becoming the place for the Knightsbridge elite in the area. There’s plenty of Japanese dining in London of course, but if you want the best, you go to Knightsbridge. This is also the perfect place to take Knightsbridge escorts. For two reasons: it’s romantic and discrete, and finally, they bloody well love it there!

·       Signor Sassi – 13-14 Knightsbridge. There are Italian restaurants, and then there’s Signor Sassi! This is arguably the best Italian restaurant in Knightsbridge, and a firm favourite among our Knightsbridge escorts. And to let you into a secret, we love it too, although we don’t get as much opportunity as the girls sadly! The atmosphere is wonderful, perfect for a romantic dinner, and it’s frequented by a number of celebrity diners too!

·         Buddha Bar – 145 Knightsbridge. Of course we’re going to mention The Buddha Bar! One of the hottest Knightsbridge venues is always worth a visit, and Knightsbridge escorts will certainly thank you for the chance to go there on a date! Pan-Asian cuisine, live, thumping sounds if you want them, and of course cocktails and great company!

Just in your hotel?

This is absolutely fine. This is especially fine if you’re staying in a very classy hotel of course. You ought to know by now that the Knightsbridge escorts we represent are used to the very best of everything. As are the Mayfair escorts, Kensington escorts, Belgravia girls, and so on of course. In actual fact, all the girls you see at Park Lane Escorts, are all used to the high life, so to speak.

But we’re talking about the Knightsbridge escorts of course… So, go and check them out!

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