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We’re not even talking about London escort reviews either, we’re talking about reviews in general.  Today we take a look at what people are telling you, why and who you should really listen to…

Affiliate systems

If you go to a website to read a review about something and there are banners and adverts all over it selling things, it’s likely that the webmaster of the site is affiliated with those particular companies.  You can check this easily by going along to the website they advertise to see if they have an affiliate marketing scheme.

How it works is when you click on one of the ads on the website you will go along to the company they’re advertising and a tracking code will be attached to the link to the company knows where you came from.  If you then decide to purchase goods or services from that company, the website that has affiliated with it will receive a percentage of what you spend.

Expert knowledge

This is where you can get the really good stuff, depending on what you’re looking for of course.  However, a good indicator to tell how reliable the source is would depend entirely on whether or not what you are viewing pertains directly to what the website is selling (and let’s face it, most websites are selling something right?) Even when it doesn’t appear as though the site you’re looking at is selling anything, if they have a Google AdWords banner on their page, they’re more than likely making some form of revenue from it.

So, let’s look at this in simplistic terms.  If you’re on a website that sells dog food and you see a review of a particular type of dog food then it might be there simply because that company stocks that brand, affiliates with the brand, or they want to get rid of some stock; you can never tell.  However, if you go onto a website that advertises or reviews something else entirely, particularly something they can’t affiliate with or you can’t buy from the site, you may well be reading something worthwhile.

Take the escort industry for example.  If you read a review of a hotel or restaurant on a London escort website it’s likely to be pretty accurate for two reasons.  The agency isn’t likely to profit at all by advertising the restaurant or hotel and they are also likely to have first-hand, pretty reliable experience of the places they mention simply because the escorts they list at their agency have actually been to these places.

A Better class of agency

Much of what we publish on our blog is opinion, we’ll give you that.  However, when there are factual pieces and advice, you will always find these to be solidly based on verifiable sources or first-hand experience.  We are not affiliated with anyone from whom we receive any financial reward.  If we link to a website from our blog or anywhere on the website, it’s in order to make your user experience the best it can be and perhaps give you some ideas and inspiration about our business or London in general.

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