Lesser known indications you’re in a bad relationship…

Bad relationship?

We’ve all been in bad relationships before haven’t we? There are obvious bad things that happen, we all know these, and our London escorts have heard a whole load of them believe us! However, some signs are not so easy to spot. They don’t always mean that you’re in a terribly bad relationship. What they do mean is that it’s more than likely not “a keeper,” if you get where we’re coming from. Some people are happy to go along with their relationships with a number of faults and flaws, simply because they’re getting something they really like out of the deal! Indeed, this is sometimes what makes a good relationship. Compromise really can work sometimes.

  • Does your partner have many friends? It really is significant in many respects. If your partner doesn’t have many friends, without having a good reason, then they may well be someone who isn’t very good with people, and you’re not very likely to settle down with someone like this.
  • What about their family? If you’re one of those rare London escort hobbyists, who is actually still looking for a long term love, you might want to look at your potential partner’s family. Look for a history of bad role models, lack of family contact, arguments etc.
  • What do they say about previous lovers? This is significant in two ways. You’ll have to gauge their response and use a little intuition. If they get all starry eyed and lovingly nostalgic about their previous lover, they may well still be in love with them. On the other end of the scale, if they get really nasty about them, this could be an indication that they’re not really very nice.
  • How are they in public? This is something our London escorts get to observe on a regular basis. Luckily they rarely find people like it (we are lucky in the respect that we have very nice clients!) If your partner is rude and disrespectful to others, particularly people who serve you, then they probably lack empathy and understanding; not to mention patience!

Happy with your relationship? Need extra company from London escorts?

Yes, we’re encouraging you! Of course we are, that’s what we do on this blog at the end of the day. But, we would also argue that we’re helping you. If spending time with London escorts helps you maintain a reasonable relationship with a significant other, then so be it. And let’s face it “reasonable” is pretty much all we can hope for these days when it comes to relationships. There are very few “perfect” examples of marriage or long term relationship these days; we’ve simply evolved not to require them as much.

So if you’re looking for a little extra excitement, book yourself a London escort!

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