London escorts: The answer to modern day narcissism

London escorts are the answer

Whether you want to hear it or not, we live in a culture of narcissism and excess, there are no two ways about it. London escorts offer a break from this demanding way of life, and an opportunity to connect with someone who is supposedly “out of your league!”

We’re not trying to put you down at all when we say “out of your league,” that’s not our style as you know. However, many of us have indeed been lead to believe that certain people, places and possessions etc. are indeed not for us. This is all due to people become so self-obsessed and hooked on material possessions that they’ve forgotten how to connect with real people in a real way!

Dating narcissists!

This is very much the case on the dating scene we’re sure you’ve noticed. It’s thanks to the whole “new generation” of people who are basically becoming versions of themselves, rather than themselves! All the young guys seem obsessed with having a six pack and the right shaped beards, and all the women seem to be making their eyebrows look more and more bizarre, and jogging literally everywhere in spandex. What the hell happened? You could argue that London escorts are like this of course, and you’d be right in some cases; but not with Park Lanes Escorts!

Some girls these days make it hard to approach them because they look too perfect, and they’re always glaring into the mirror or a window. It’s the same for the guys too of course. It’s this culture of self obsession that’s made everyone believe that there’s always something better for them out there, and they’re never satisfied with what they find. This is the reason many of you gents don’t bother with dating at all we know! Take the dating app Tinder for example, some people have actually been caught swiping through other potential partners whilst on a date with someone else!

The natural beauty and charisma of high class London escorts

Booking high class London escorts is a popular choice for you guys who have become disillusioned with the whole culture. We’ve seen a marked increase over years. People will always need human contact and interaction, but they don’t want the drama, the insecurity, the commitments. So we suppose we cater to both types with our high class London escorts really.

And the beauty of these elite escorts is that they’re all so naturally lovely to look at, and they’re all so very charming and intelligent, they don’t feel they need to try too hard to impress anyone. They also know that your time with them is going to be brief, so nothing is a big deal. Out of those who have commented, most have said that they feel very relaxed with our London escorts, and they never feel under pressure.

Escape the culture of narcissism with one of our escorts… Try it and tell us what you think!

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