London Town

Do you really know how to impress a girl in London Town?

Unless you’ve read this article before we sincerely doubt it. Here we give you an idea of where to take your beloved, or at least the one you’re with, and offer a few tips on how to impress her…

It’s not all about saying the right things you know, it’s often more about doing the right things.  Remember the old saying “actions speak louder than words?” Well it’s true and if you really want them eating out of your hand you’ll get suited and booted and make an impression the right way.  We don’t have lots of space to tell you everywhere you should go or everything you should do, but we have taken the time to point out a few things that you surely must try.

Eating out

Choosing the right place for your date is crucial.  The common mistake here is that everyone seems to think it has to be ridiculously expensive.  It simply doesn’t.  Granted, there are a number of places in the city that are fantastic choices and they are also very expensive, but there are many affordable place that have just as much character and style, if not more.

Mari Vanna – Knightsbridge.  This is one of the first places that spring to mind.  It’s a small Russian restaurant with an atmosphere that will simply take your breath away.  It’s all done out like an old upper/middle class home in Russia at the turn of the 20th Century.  The décor is perfect right down to the collections of black and white photographs in ornate frames on the wall and the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.  The food is relatively expensive for the quality, which is superb and well worth it.  For an intimate, friendly and personal restaurant Mari Vanna is the romantic’s choice.


Remember that a gift isn’t necessary at all, but if you want to bring a gift to your date you should make it something simple and something personal.  If you know the person you are meeting well it should be something that you remember them talking about.  Perhaps a favourite scent, or a particular wine if you’re going to yours or her place.  If you don’t know the person well, stay away from scents altogether and go for something generic like flowers or chocolates; these always win the day even if they don’t like them particularly (don’t bring huge bouquets with you that cover your head when you meet, you will only embarrass the poor girl; make it simple yet cute).


Some people feel that chivalry is dead and gone, but you know it really isn’t. To some men it wouldn’t cross their mind to offer a girl their coat if it was a bit chilly outside, but it really does make a difference you know.  Little gestures like this make your girl feel like you care and that she may actually be loved. Even asking her to wait in the entrance of a bar, hotel or restaurant whilst you pull the car up for her to get in can make a difference too.  Stand up when she leaves the table, hold open doors and pull out chairs; if she doesn’t like it she’ll probably tell you.  However chances are that every girl likes to feel a little special now and again.

Remember that even if you are taking out one of our escort girls for dinner, it’s your responsibility as the gentleman to make your girl feel like a princess who is respected and looked after.  You will find that your affections and attentions will be reciprocated if you have this ideology firmly in mind.

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