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There are those who don’t believe that they have to go to any great lengths for a London escort date. But then there are you gentlemen. We know tat our clients are among the very best in the world, otherwise they wouldn’t be booking from an elite model escort agency like ours. Although we do have cheaper escorts to offer, we have so many high end girls that deserve the best clients too. After all, they never fail to make an effort for you do they?

So today we’re talking about looking sharp. And speaking of “sharp,” specifically we’re talking about barbering and overall facial appearance. Now we are sure many of you have your own favourite places to go, but we would like to recommend a couple of places to you none the less, if you don’t mind.

Our recommendations

It depends on what type of man you are really. If you’re one of the new breed of hipsters out there, or you just like to keep up to date, you might like to try out Fish in Soho. The premises is actually an old sex shop, believe it or not. All the barbers that work there have to be of a standard that’s not dissimilar to our high class London escorts – meaning the very best in the world. The brand Fish is known globally and you’d do well to give it a try. You can get a simple cut from just £40.

Another top choice would be Avenda in Covent Garden. It’s in a slightly industrial looking place, very open, and surprisingly big inside and very well lit. Classic cuts and shaves are available here at a very good price. We know a few people that go here, and they swear by it.

Don’t neglect the cheaper alternatives

Remember that, in much the same way as our London escorts, price doesn’t always have a lot to do with it. Have you ever been to a Turkish barbershop? These places really take care of you for a fraction of the price most of the time. The only problem with some of them is that they are so very popular and they don’t have appointments. This means you have to sit and wait for your turn. However, if you have the patience, do go to one of the chain barbershops you see dotted around London, just to experience it. You will be treated to excellent wet shaves, hot towels and even massages for your arms and hands in some places whilst you relax. These barbers are really very talented and they do things in the traditional Turkish barber way.

So you look sharp? Better get a date!

If you are looking in the mirror and you believe yourself to look sharp, then it’s certainly likely that our Mayfair escorts are going to agree with you. In fact, any of our escorts will appreciate the efforts you make on your personal appearance. They’re women after all, and they like to think that they have encouraged you to look good for them.

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