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02 January 2018

Make New Year’s Resolutions you can keep

London escortsIt’s true that making resolutions to start something are much easier than keeping resolutions to quit something. With the exception of the dreaded gym of course. This resolution has been failed most of all we’d imagine. Only people who need to go to the gym, for good reasons, ever manage to stick to a routine. London escorts are a prime example of this of course. Going to the gym and eating a healthy diet come naturally to them, simply because it’s already such a huge part of their lives. So our advice to you at the start of 2018 is to begin something you can actually do, and don’t bother trying to quit anything!

Start slowly

Start walking more, start eating your greens, start to listen to a new radio station. All these things, as ridiculous as they may sound, are very easy to do, and they successful change your life in one way or another, in a very small way. Much easier, we’re sure you will agree, than giving something up. Have you ever actually tried to give up smoking or drinking for New Year? Practically impossible! Going “cold turkey” from cigarettes is arguably more difficult than coming off heroin!

Do begin to enjoy yourself

If you’re one of those gents who simply work hard all day long and never really take the time out in the evenings or at weekends to do something for yourself, change that. We’re not just talking about booking London escorts every once in a while. Yes, they will be a marvellous treat for you, but they’re not always affordable by all, and it’s not something you can practically do every evening unless you’re utterly loaded of course! But it is important to realise that life is very short, and your time here on this earth could be spent doing so much. See a little of the world. Ask yourself: when was the last time I took a holiday? If you can’t remember, or it was so long ago, for goodness sake book one and go somewhere; even if you go alone!

Don’t forget the girls!

Having said that, if you are going to treat yourself to a professional companion once in a while, make sure you book through Park Lane Escorts for quality and service. We’ve been doing this far too long to get it wrong, and we have a wonderous supply of elite courtesans on their way for 2018. Keep your eyes on the gallery!

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