Marriage is dated: live the Jet Set lifestyle!

Jet set with London escorts

As you watch it on the TV doesn’t it make you think that Harry has made an awful mistake? Yes she’s gorgeous to look at, but just think of all those women he could have had! Monogamy isn’t for us, as you well know, but really, when you’re a Prince, there’s a lot of talent and a lot fun you could be indulging in!

Are you a “jet-setter?”

The jet-set lifestyle isn’t available to everyone we know, but we are an agency that cater very well to those who have access to this very exclusive club. Why else do you think that we have all the most expensive high-end escorts in the city? And why else do you think that these girls offer the very best services? When you pay big money, you get a big service from some of the most beautiful and talented young women in the world!

Park Lane Escorts has been established for many years, and our client list is extensive to say the least. Our clients come from all walks of life, but mostly the very wealthy and powerful. We have a level of discretion that would never allow us to divulge the type of men who use our services, but suffice it to say, these are the type of men that probably wouldn’t want this getting out! You can trust us, because on top of this, these are also more than likely the type of men that could have us shut down and vanished from the face of the earth too if they so wished! So you see, we know how to handle power, we know how to handle demand, and we know how to choose the girls who appreciate it the most.

So why get married?

If you’re the type of man that has this sort of expendable income, why would you get married? There are amazing women just waiting to make your acquaintance and do a whole lot more with you besides! Money and power turn these women on more than anything, so if you have one or both of these qualities, you have got it made. And there is more than an ample supply of women available for you to keep it exciting and fresh every single time!

For all you Royalists out there, we would like to wish Harry and Meghan a long and happy life together

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