Marriage: The disposable truth

We found a really interesting image on Facebook the other day, and although we don’t like to be overly cynical, we have to admit that it made us laugh quite a lot. There really is some truth in it too, as we’re sure a number of you high class escort fans will agree!

This is a bit of a light heated article, but as we said, there is some truth in it. And we would just like to say from the start, to any of our fans out there who have suffered as this picture represents, we are so very sorry for reminding you! LOL!

It’s all fine in the beginning

You get married because you think you’re in love, you have children because you think you want them, then you go out and work your ass off every hour that God sends, because you have to in order to support everyone. It’s a fact! No ask yourself, did you really want this? Or were you just lead to believe you wanted it because your girlfriend at the time had nice boobs, a tight ass and gave you regular blow jobs? We’re guessing that for most of you, the latter is the case. You’ve been duped friends. Sorry to say it!

And if she really has cheated on you?

If she’s done what the woman in the picture has done, all the more reason to book London escorts and have a good time right? Celebrate your new freedom, even if you are left in a studio apartment, sitting on the one chair she’d allow you to take from the family home. Spend your money on escorts and booze to get over it, before you get back in the game. And remember, life is too short to follow the “conventional” path!

And don’t even think about dating!

If you want to get screwed, arguably as much as being married in some cases, sign up for a dating website! You’ll end up pouring money into something that’s mostly fruitless. If you do get a date, it’ll probably be with a nutter. If you don’t believe us, ask someone who has been on a dating site, we’re pretty sure that most of them will agree! If you want to spend time with girls, book them for short periods of time and then you don’t have to see them again!

We’re not misogynistic of course, we hope you understand. We’re just against institutions that make you do things you don’t naturally want to do, and businesses that take advantage of lonely people with low self-esteem. At least we don’t pretend to be anything other than an escort agency!

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