Cool off in the capital with Mayfair escorts

Mayfair escorts

Well you are likely to get quite hot of course, but that’s not the point. What we’re saying is that, when it’s hot in London and you’ve simply had enough of work, go and visit a Mayfair incall escort…

You know by now that these girls are all highly professional of course? So it won’t surprise you to hear that they all have air conditioned apartments. You wouldn’t really expect anything else in Mayfair would you? Or indeed from high class Mayfair escorts? They also keep the curtains and blinds closed against the heat so you’re likely to be as cool as is possible in this current heatwave. You see, you only get the best possible treatment and everything is taken care of by Mayfair escorts. This is because they’re the best of the best!

Our Mayfair escorts have great facilities

It doesn’t stop at air conditioned apartments of course. When you book one of our incall Mayfair escorts, you’ll also get to use shower facilities, be offered a nice cold, refreshing drink, and on top of all that you get to spend your time with one of the most beautiful women in the city!

You will also find your Mayfair escort dressed to thrill. She’s likely to be anticipating your arrival as much as you are, and she’ll be excited to see you; this much you can guarantee. Whilst we’re on the subject of them looking fabulous, if there are any specific requirements you have when it comes to our escorts’ attire, please do let us know at your earliest convenience and we’ll see what we can do.

Air conditioned hotel room with Mayfair escorts

If you are staying in the capital for a few days, you really couldn’t have picked a hotter time could you? Today is hotter than Rio apparently (so we are informed). So the idea of a nice cool, air conditioned room in a luxury hotel must sound good! Pretty much all London hotels have air conditioning these days, with the exception of some of the dingy places here and there. But you wouldn’t be stupid enough to invite one of our Mayfair escorts to a hotel that was less than classy would you? Of course you wouldn’t!

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