Mayfair escorts and Qatari investors!

Mayfair escorts for The new Qatari Quarter

According to a news report in The Independent (and doubtless other publications and digital editions), Qatari investors now own over a quarter of property in Mayfair! It really is getting like a game of Monopoly out there in London isn’t it? Don’t get us wrong, we’re not upset about it, and our Mayfair escorts certainly aren’t. If anything, the more money our girls see in Mayfair, the better the place will become, and the richer their clients will be. It’s a “dog eat dog” world out there, and our Mayfair escorts do all they can to make their way in the world, just the same as anyone else; including it would seem Qatari investors.

Considering the amount of investment, it will come as no surprise that a Qatari quarter is developing on the north west side of Mayfair. We don’t know all about who these investors are, but according to the article in The Independent, we do know that the Qatari Royal Family have quite a substantial stake in the area.

Why do we see so many foreign investors in the area? Well apparently, according to Becky Fatemi of Rokstone, they see:

“…Mayfair as a luxury village and their favourite place in London, alongside Knightsbridge, for luxury shopping, dining out and leisure…”

Welcome to Mayfair!

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