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10 May 2017

Mayfair escorts: For when you won’t leave the hotel!

Mayfair escortsWe’re talking about hotels where you actually don’t have to leave the hotel, not those cheaper types. If you’re staying in the area and considering Mayfair escorts to keep you company, we would urge you to book a room at a place like The Intercontinental. Considering its location, there is little wonder that it’s one of our firm favourites, along with our girls too of course!

The Intercontinental

Intercontinental has become a massive name in hotels, so it will come as no surprise to many of you that it’s one of the nicest places to stay in Mayfair. The rooms are marvellous and well worth the money (in fact they’re quite good value really). The suites with adjoining lounge areas are even better of course, and great for having guests up to your room for gettogethers etc. If you want to stretch to it, you can even get your own butler service. Our Mayfair escorts are particularly fond of the 24 hour room service at Intercontinental, which means that the party needn’t stop!

Theo Randall

If you’re staying in with a Mayfair escort, Theo Randall’s restaurant at The Intercontinental is perfect for a great dinner menu. If you’re not familiar with Randall, he’s well renowned for his award winning, rustic Italian cuisine. The restaurant itself is very high class, with plenty of space and the perfect ambience for a romantic dinner for two. Some of our escorts have already eaten there and they’d gladly go again with you!

Staying in is never an issue with Mayfair escorts

Mayfair escorts are very professional indeed (well, there are from Park Lane Escorts!), so staying in with you in the hotel, no matter which one you’re staying at, is never a hardship. They’ll always come well-presented and more than capable of making your luxury hotel stay even more luxurious. There really is nothing like waiting in your room for that tap on the door when she arrives, looking absolutely fabulous of course!

All you need to do now is take a look at our Mayfair escorts gallery to choose which one you want

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