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07 February 2018

Mayfair escorts: Get an agency to represent that cares!

Mayfair escortLooking for a new agency to represent you? Want to meet new clients and make some good money? There are so many escort agencies out there these days that it becomes practically impossible to choose which one to list yourself with. You want the best results of course, but there are other things you need to consider that affect these results. If you’re going to be a Mayfair escort, which is one of the most prestigious positions in the business, you need an agency that’s going to get you valuable results.

It’s not always about the first place on page one

The best escort agency for you is not always the one that appears at the top of page one in Google when you search for “Mayfair escorts”. Whilst they may get more clicks to their website because of this, it does not necessarily mean that they will get more bookings for you. We have all searched for things online and clicked on the first that appears, only to realise it’s not what we want, or the price/service etc. isn’t for us. What you need to understand is that many London escort agencies employ a number of techniques and specialists to improve their position in the search engine results. They do this because it’s a tremendously competitive marketplace. Just think about the amount of escorts there are available in London and then think about how many agencies are needed to represent them all; now you will have a better idea of how competitive it really is. Yes there are different types and categories, which mean different search terms, but inevitably most clients will search for “Mayfair escorts” or something incredibly close to this term. It’s easier if you’re an agency that represent “goat riding London escorts,” since this is such a rare thing to search for and that agency would more than likely be the only one in the city catering to that specialism. We’re having fun here of course, but you get our point?

An agency that works hard

So we have established that not all the agencies that appear at the top are the ones you need to be listed with if you’re looking for new representation, or to change the agency you’re currently with. So what do you need?

  • English speaking – Preferably an English run agency too. This isn’t designed to help you communicate, it’s more to do with the people who are going to call the agency. It’s a fact that if you have receptionists that speak excellent English, you will get more bookings. Because, although agencies get bookings from all nationalities, they all speak English and there will always be a large amount of Mayfair escort bookings that are British; and indeed from London. When a client speaks to an English voice on the phone, they are far more likely to be able to articulate their requirements; thus more likely to go through with their booking.
  • Extended marketing – A diverse marketing strategy is very important. If you choose an agency that advertises you in more places than just their own website, you can tell that they mean business. Whilst they may not get vast amounts of traffic (website visitors) from other various adverts placed online, they will be placing those adverts in the places where clients frequent. This means that the visits they do get from these adverts will be more valuable!

You can find these things out easily really, just by looking on the main escort advertising directories and websites. And if you want to know how “British” an agency is, just call them on the phone and you’ll hear for yourself just what a client will hear when they call… Simpl!


If you can get a male friend to call on your behalf, that would be even better. Ask him to ask the receptionist for a recommendation, based on certain specification: type, location etc. This will tell you how helpful the agency is and also whether or not they actually know anything about the girls they’re representing.

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