Mayfair escorts in The White House!

Mayfair escorts in the Whitehouse!

We got your attention with that headline didn’t we? No, we’re not talking about any habits Barak Obama may wish to keep quiet, we’re talking about a mini White House in the heart of Mayfair… And we know our Mayfair escorts would love to join you there!

Of course it isn’t The White House. It’s actually a property inside the US embassy complex in Mayfair however, so you can certainly count on the security! It’s just been called the “mini White-House,” because of its Link to the embassy, and its lovely white exterior. The reason we’re telling you about it is that it’s for sale for a cool £2.5 million! Are you in the market for a new home? You can read more about it in an article on The London Evening Standard website.

Imagine the security of those Marines around the place for goodness sake! I think they’d let Mayfair escorts through though, don’t you? Imagine them seeing a pretty looking woman like the ones you see in our gallery. Who could turn them down? Perhaps we could outsource some of the girls into the world of espionage? That charm and those looks would definitely get them in places where others couldn’t gain access! Before we get Obama’s army chasing after us, we’d better add here that we’re only kidding!

Visiting Mayfair escorts

So we’ve more than likely established the fact that you’re not going to buy the “mini White House,” but we should let you know that all the Mayfair escorts we represent are quite happy to come to your private residence, as well as any hotel in London you happen to be staying at. These are very professional young women, full of confidence and very discreet.

How about booking one of our latest Mayfair escorts like Valeria for example (pictured above). Valeria is super high class, and she’s really into visiting clients in their homes or hotels. She has a thing about exploring new places and meeting new people, so if you haven’t booked her already, give her a try. She’s all yours for an hour for just £600! Now that’s an excellent rate for an escort of this calibre, make no mistake about it.

You’ll always get the best high class, Mayfair escorts from Park Lane Escorts…

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