Mayfair Escorts On The Go: Luxury Car Rentals

Mayfair escortsWe are well aware that many of you come to London and require your own transportation, and sometimes you need something specialist. We’ve taken the time to review some places you can get luxury hire cars…

We also realise that you may not want to drive the vehicle yourself. It’s quite commonplace for visiting businessmen and dignitaries to bring their own drivers. You will find the places we have listed here to be very friendly and versatile when it comes to your needs. Nothing better than driving around London in a beautiful car with one of our beautiful Mayfair escorts!

·         Europe Luxury Car Hire. A pretty reasonable place to hire your luxury wheels when you’re in town. Not that money is much of an object to a number of you we know; but still, you might be after value. If you’re the type of guy that likes to pull up outside the Connaught in a Ferrari 599 GTB, that’s sure to impress one of our Mayfair escorts, then this place might just be the rental company you’re looking for. They also do 4X4 and prestige cars too. It all depends what you want.

Mayfair Prestige One up from that of course is hiring the chauffeur to go with the car! At Mayfair Prestige they have a number of services, and one of them is a chauffeur package. They have a rather impressive fleet at Prestige, and although they do represent Lamborghini and Ferrari, they’re a little lacking in the supercar department. Names like Aston Martin, Bentley and Maserati are all available however. Prices are quite steep here, but from what previous clients have told us, the service is rather excellent.

·         VIP Mayfair. Not exactly a regular car hire company. VIP Mayfair offers their cars with chauffeurs, not on their own. However, their range of cars and packages, including: airport and seaport pickups, tours and weddings, is very good. What about entertaining one of the lovely Mayfair escorts you’ll find at Park Lane, in a Rolls Royce Phantom? Now that’s elegance and style!

Mayfair escorts to impress!

So if you’re one of these “jet-setting” gents from overseas, who simply can’t be without his luxury wheels, one of these places should get you what you need. After all, you don’t want to drive your own car all the way to London do you? Imagine how many miles that will put on the clock!

Take a look at our Mayfair escorts now…

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