Mayfair escorts vote on the best bars in Mayfair!

Mayfair escort bars

Yes, we’ve managed to make them even busier by asking them a few questions about their favourite bars. Mayfair escorts are among those people in London who are arguably the best people to ask about bars and restaurants, wouldn’t you agree? So let’s take a little look at their opinions and you can perhaps have a date there!

Firstly, let us just say this. You really do not have to feel compelled to take the Mayfair escorts we represent, anywhere at all if you don’t want to. It’s by no means an obligation to take them out just because they’re very high class girls. This goes for all the Park Lane Escorts of course, no matter where in the city they are. These wonderful women are just as happy to stay in with you as they are to go out on the town. But when they do go out… Boy oh boy, do they know the good places!

  • Mr Fogg’s – 15 Bruton Lane. A lot of fun at this place. It’s one of those new, trendy speakeasy type bars, modelled upon what we might assume Phileas Fogg’s home to look like! It’s stacked with lovely decorations, bottles and glasses all over the place, and more ancient and archaic adventuring apparatus than you could want. A nice, high end bar with a great cocktail list to take your Mayfair escorts. It’s a firm favourite among the girls.
  • Sketch - 9 Conduit Street. A very chic, and very classy bar this one! From the moment the doorman greets you at Sketch, you know that you’re a bar where the elite Mayfair crowd go to sip cocktails and plot their take-over of London! Yet another on our Mayfair escorts favourite list. Comfortable and elite!
  • Chez Chow - 41 North Audley Street. Sophistication is the order of the day at Chez Chow. You might expect people to be wearing monocles in this place! It’s definitely a quirky little bar, but it’s got some lovely intimate spots to cosy up with Mayfair escorts, or indeed your wife or girlfriend should you prefer! Romantic and utterly charming!
  • The Whip - 50 Davies Street. For the horsey types among you! It’s all about the equestrian theme here, but luckily they left the smell out! However, with any equestrian theme comes some pretty perfect people. We are referring to the Mayfair set of course. You really will be mixing with some big wigs here, it’s a very trendy bar. Our Mayfair escorts love to sip their cocktails whilst looking at riding whips on the wall!

If any of those places tickle your fancy, do give us a call and we can supply you with the company to take with you. Remember, even though they don’t have to go out on the town, they still love to go!

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