Misconceptions about Escorts

Do escorts really like what they do?

This is a question that many of you may have asked at some point or other when you’ve been considering hiring an escort. It’s not a question that’s hard to answer, but perhaps we can shed a little more light on it…

A plain and simple answer would be simply yes, of course thy like what they do, otherwise they wouldn’t do it.  For many girls, from all different corners of the world, London is an opportunity to study, improve their English, meet new people, build a career and make a life for themselves; and for many of them the perfect way to afford the way of life they choose to live and enjoy, escorting is the perfect answer.

The type of girls you see listed at the high class agencies are the ones that love to party and spend money on designer clothes, live in the best places and be seen at all the top clubs with their friends etc.  London is a young woman’s dream when it comes to living the high life, and another bonus from escorting is that these young woman get to meet a lot of rich and powerful men.

However, sometimes things get a little more complicated.  This will only ever become evident (and not very often these days) if you choose to use a less reputable agency to book your girl, or you book out of a phone box or go to one of those dreadful walk ups in Soho.  There is a fine line between what is right and what is wrong if you go the seedier route.  Remember that there is nothing seedy about escorting; it’s a perfectly respectable and legal way of earning money.

Trafficked girls

Sadly there is such a thing as human trafficking where girls are basically coerced or even forced into spending time with men (mostly for sexual purposes) against their will and they do it because they have little or no choice.  To us this is simply wrong, and not to mention against the law.  Any form of controlling another person or coercing them into doing something they may well otherwise not consider is against the law.

Escorting is in fact perfectly legal.  Sometimes this surprises people, but it’s true.  The problems occur, as we have said, when there is coercion involved. What we do as a high class escort agency is list girls who wish to offer their services as an escort and we get them bookings through our website.  We are quite literally just an agent for the girls and have nothing to do with what goes on between the girl and her client; nor do we attempt to control what may or may not happen.

We also go to great lengths to ensure that all girls who are listed with our agency are in the UK legally and are of sound mind and legal age to work in this industry.  Our database selection process is very careful indeed.

Suspect anything?

If you do see an escort at anytime, anywhere and you expect them to be a victim of trafficking you should report this to the authorities immediately.  This kind of thing cannot be tolerated and it’s best to be safe than to leave someone you feel may be at risk.

We can 100% guarantee that each and every one of our girls works with our agency because they enjoy what they do, they make a good living and want to continue.  If they didn’t, we simply wouldn’t list them.

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