Never assume anything with high class London escorts

High class escort assumptions

It’s just a little hint from the team here at Park Lane Escorts. There are a few individuals out there who wrongly assume that just because the girls are high class London escorts, and they’re quite expensive, that they can do whatever they want with them. We would like to point out here however that the vast majority of our lovely clients, do not make these sort of assumption. If you are one of these respectful sorts then you’re not likely to be offended by what we write here anyway, are you?

High class London escorts are not guaranteed sex

This is incredibly important, and it’s obviously the point we’re making. No need to beat about the bush when we’re approaching a topic like this. They’re simply not. And some of you may argue that our girls are on the website dressed in sexy clothes, or even naked. Our answer to that is, what the hell does that matter, really? They want to attract your attention, and they’re women after all; all of whom are very proud of their clearly magnificent bodies. If you see a picture of a glamour model in your favourite men’s magazine or on a website, it doesn’t mean she wants to sleep with you. Seriously, get a grip.

Nothing has changed when it comes to women

It really hasn’t. High class London escorts or not, if you want to have sex with the women you’re with, you’re going to have to put some work in aren’t you? It’s really as simple as that. Never, ever believe anything is a sure thing when it comes to women. This is something we know a lot about. With high class London escorts (or any type of escort) you’re paying for them to be with you, and that’s it gentlemen. Their time, and their time alone.

Getting lucky with high class London escorts

This is where we wash our hands of your booking of course. We have no idea, nor do we want to know what goes on with you and your escort. Obviously we want you both to have a nice time, but what you both do together is nothing to do with us. If you are indeed lucky enough to have sex with an escort, that’s your good fortune we suppose. Just as long as you know that it’s nothing we’ve had anything to do with, and it’s all a matter of consent, between to adults.

Remember that there’s always much more you can be doing with these fine young women!

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