New French Dining In Knightsbridge: And Yes Our Escorts Would Love To Join You!

Knightsbridge escortsA number of our Knightsbridge escorts are really looking forward to being invited to dinner at the latest Knightsbridge restaurant. They’re quite the critics you know! When you eat out as much as some of these girls do, there’s little wonder they get so knowledgeable…

Celeste is the latest French restaurant to grace our fair city. You would expect fine French dining to be located in a very prestigious place, so it will come as no surprise to learn that Celeste is actually in The Lanesborough Hotel. The Lanesborough has an excellent reputation of course, and a number of our Knightsbridge escorts have spent many a happy hour here, along with escorts from all over the city of course. It’s important that you understand from the start here that you must only really ever book the best Knightsbridge escorts to meet you in a hotel like The Lanesborough.

The food at Celeste

Back to fundamentals. The food at Celeste is amazing to say the very least. When we went to try it out we sipped on a lovely non-vintage Taittinger, whilst enjoying a succulent and perfectly prepared game pie. Some of our Knightsbridge girls have commented on dishes like the classic French onion soup and surprisingly enough Cornish oysters (it looks like we got something gastronomically correct in the UK!)

The service at Celeste is as you would expect it to be at The Lanesborough. It’s consistently brilliant throughout. You never get badgered by the waiting staff, they’re as attentive as they need to be and they’re always there when you need them. Much the same as the escorts at Park Lane of course!

Speaking of which, it’s always nice idea on very special evenings, to book your Knightsbridge escorts to perhaps meet you in the bar. If you make your reservation with Celeste, try to book your companion for half an hour to an hour before your reservation.

Make a start by browsing those girls in Knightsbridge…

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