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11 June 2018

No such thing as monogamy

blonde London escort in lingerieMen are a breed of their own, and they’re very different to most women. It comes right back down to basics really. A man has historically been the hunter, the gatherer, the impregnator of women, if you will. He has been a vital part of why the human race has survived and lasted so long on this earth. And it is his nature to become attracted to women and desire their company, attentions and affections. And it’s in this line of thought we would like to implore you not to deny your natural instincts to be with attractive women. This is why there are London escort agencies gentlemen! We are here to satiate your desire for female company. It’s natural and you shouldn’t fight it; it’s just not healthy!

Early man had no idea of monogamy

Monogamy is a relatively new concept when you consider how long we’ve been on this planet. And it isn’t necessarily in a man’s nature to stay with one woman. Who’s to say that in the beginning of man’s evolution, he didn’t simply go from one women to the next indiscriminately screwing them simply to satiate his desire for sex? It’s entirely possible. You’re all men, you know what we’re talking about. When you get sexual urges, you probably choose to masturbate if there’s no woman around who would oblige you. It’s a natural reaction and the entire reason men are attracted to women. That’s it… That’s as basic as it gets!

Women are very different

Women are different of course. They do desire men of course. And many of them, like our London escorts for example, enjoy spending time with many different men. But it’s not historically so. As a species, women have not traditionally been the ones who go out and find a man, they’re the ones who “get found,” so to speak. Granted, they’re much more discerning these days and they won’t submit to the advances of just anyone!

Having said that, when a woman finds a man who makes her happy, she doesn’t really require another man. With the exception of our insatiable London escorts of course! A woman is more than happy to “settle down,” so to speak and raise a family and keep her man and herself happy for the rest of her life, as long as she is treated well and respected.

Men desire variety

However, men are obviously different. On top of the natural promiscuous nature of a man, and his basic hunter gatherer nature, he needs variety in women. If a man is still young enough to maintain a testosterone level and feels as though he’s fit and healthy enough to “mess around,” so to speak, he’s going to desire his choice of women. And a happy man, is a content man.

So whether you call your London escort a mistress, a courtesan, lover of girlfriend, it’s perfectly normal to have one. That’s what we’re saying. Now we don’t expect everyone to agree with us, they’re not all as open-minded and liberal as us. But we know that you’re a happier man because of the escorts we offer, and you are more than likely maintaining a lovely, happy home with a wife or girlfriend too. You’ll never get any judgements, ever from Park Lane Escorts!


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