No, we don’t write “services” on the girls’ profiles

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It’s not something we’ve ever felt like we have to do to be honest. It’s kind of not “classy” enough for us, if you understand where we’re coming from? There are websites out there that write practically everything some of the girls ask them to write on their profiles, but for us, we’re not interested in that. And we don’t do exactly as the girls ask either, especially if this is writing down some of the things they’re into!

We’re not selling sex

The fact remains that we are not selling sexual services, even if that’s what some of the girls want us to write down, or those silly abbreviations. We’re not stupid enough to start doing this either, literally because it’s actually illegal and could constitute us as inciting prostitution. This isn’t what we’re about at Park Lane Escorts. As far as we’re concerned, we represent the girls by publishing the pictures they send us, and writing our own impression of them, as well as we know them and at the time of us being introduced.

If the girls feel like they want to have sex with their clients, that’s entirely up to them, and nothing whatsoever to do with us. And whilst we’re on the subject of what’s nothing to do with us, if those girls go away and gain 20 pounds in weight, this isn’t something we’re likely to know about until someone points it out to us is it? We’re not in the business of controlling these girls. All we can do is decided whether or not we represent them, based on what we know.

Representing the best in the business

The good thing about the way we do business however, is that most of the elite London escorts we do business with, actually feel the same way. The real high-end girls don’t want to demean themselves by writing such things down on their profiles for everyone to see. They want clients that want to book them based on what they have read and seen. The whole excitement from an escort booking is learning about the other person whilst you’re on the date.

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