Our London escort guide to dining alone

London escort guide

The problem with dining alone is that you’ve got no-one to talk to. We are obviously going to urge you to book high class London escorts to join you, but we also have some other advice to help you feel a little less awkward, should you find yourself in this situation…

It’s bad enough for many who are forced to dine alone, to simply walk into a restaurant and ask for a table for one. However, it can get even less comfortable for them during their waiting times after ordering. If you’re lucky you’ll get a waiter who will take pity on you and perhaps pass the time of day, but if not, you’re pretty much on your own.

Make it appear as though you mean to be alone

Not as easy as it sounds we realise, but once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll be fine. So, how do you make it look as though you belong? What follows is not by any means designed to be prescriptive, you can be sure that you will eventually find your own preference. And of course, if you don’t, or you simply can’t, book one of our lovely London escorts, who will be sure to make your evening go well.

  • Take a newspaper. This looks better at lunchtime than it does at dinner to be fair, but if you behave adequately aloof it will work for both.
  • Take a notebook. You may even actually have something to write in it if you’re working etc. but if you are not, you can always simply write your thoughts, a shopping list, or how much you wish you had invited a London escort along to keep you company!
  • Laptops. These are only really acceptable if you can pull it off. And believe us when we tell you that not everyone can. You’re not a hipster in a Starbucks, we’re presuming? Sitting there browsing posts on Facebook isn’t behaving like you mean to be alone. Even paying your bills online is better than doing that; at least you will have a purpose. Another thing, if you are going to bring a laptop, make sure it’s not massive, and it’s not loud! Oh, and don’t sit there with your headphones on either!

Book high class London escorts

And there it is ladies and gentlemen, the upsell! You knew it was coming, so what can we say? We make no apologies for it, and besides, we’ve given you some interesting insight and advice, so you can hear it! Failing everything we have just said/suggested, simply book high class London escorts and you won’t need to dine alone. You know that they’re not that expensive!

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