Oysters, Champagne And High Class London Escorts!

high class London escortChampagne with high end girls

Although they’ve always been around, in much the same way as cocktail bars have, champagne bars fell out of favour a while ago, only to be replaced with that “speakeasy” fad. We’re sure you’ve been to one of these speakeasy places if you’re a Londoner, but once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. And it’s not as though the clientele is very exclusive either sadly. Luckily, champagne bars have never really disappeared from the scene, and our London escorts have always been a fan of them.

In actual fact, since they fell from fashion a while back, they have almost been given back to the more exclusive set if you will. There are cheaper and less classy champagne bars of course, and our London escorts have had experience of all different type. We thought that considering they’re making a bit of a comeback, we’d share with you a few of our favourites. We’re talking about the high end and low end ones here. We are well aware that we don’t all have the same budget, or indeed a consistent budget these days! All of the following have been recommended by our high class London escorts, so you can pretty much count on them being good!

  • The American Bar – 100 Strand. It’s at The Savoy of course! And this is why you’re going to pay more than the going rate for a glass of champagne! That and the fact that you’re drinking quality stuff. The Savoy aren’t likely to allow any bar to serve substandard drinks are they? You can expect to pay about £20 for a glass of bubbly here! It is Louis Roederer champagne though, so it’s pretty damn good! The perfect place to meet a high class London escort from Park Lane by the way!
  • Amuse Bouche - 51 Parsons Green Lane. An excellent choice of champagne and wine here, and you get to enjoy it in an atmosphere. You can also enjoy some light tapas with your high class London escort, along with some pretty reasonable prices considering how nice the place is.
  • J Sheeky Oyster Bar - 33-34 St Martin's Court. Well, oysters are a natural aphrodisiac aren’t they? So what better place to take London escorts than an oyster bar that’s also widely renowned for its champagne?

Champagne bars are making a comeback people! You heard it here first, so let’s give them the revival they deserve; if only for the London escorts! 

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