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04 May 2018

Really getting to know your high-class escort

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We say high class because these are predominantly the ones you are more likely to want to get to know. There are some of you out there that love to have a favourite. You have a girl you see as often as you can, and you don’t often book other girls. It’s almost like being monogamous with your high class London escort when you think about it!

It’s not unusual

First thing you need to realise about this is that it’s perfectly normal. This type of behaviour is usually displayed by those that like to see their favourite women when they want to see them and don’t like to be tied down to a woman, and of course those who can afford it! High class London escorts are not cheap by any shake of the dice, and these are the girls that get “regulars,” so to speak.

Getting to know them

So, let’s get this straight to begin with. One or two bookings isn’t going to allow you to do much at all by way of getting to know your companion. But it will allow you to make a decision about whether or not you would like to know them a little better. You will have to book your chosen companion a few times before they feel comfortable getting to know you too however. An escort is used to just single dates mainly and she never discloses much about her life when she doesn’t know the person she’s dating. Makes sense, we’re sure you will agree.

The best way to get to know your high-class escort is to take her out on extended bookings. Take her to a show, take her to dinner, or for a few cocktails etc. Don’t insist upon anything in particular, just go with the flow and try to make her happy. You’ll begin to feel more like you’re dating a regular person too, and this will only enhance your escort experience. Take them a little gift each time you see them, spoil them and make them feel special. Jewellery, lingerie, chocolates, flowers etc. are all classic gifts and they’re all very welcome.

Ignore the fact that she’s an escort

Don’t let the fact that she’s an escort get you down, and don’t bring it up when you’re with her. If you want to get to know the real person behind the escorting career, don’t bring it up; find out. Nurture your escort, just like she was your girlfriend and she’ll begin to trust you more and enjoy your company more. It’s perfectly normal for one of these professional companions to become more comfortable when you don’t treat them as though they’re there to serve you and do what you say.

If you bang on about the escort business and why she’s doing what she’s doing etc. you’re going to bore her to death and probably upset her. It’s not something she wants to discuss with you, and it doesn’t really have anything to do with the time the two of you are going to spend together.

Keep it with your agency

One important thing to remember is that, no matter how much you get on with your chosen escort, and how often you book her, you should always book through your agency. Doesn’t have to be us of course, it could be any agency. This is for you both – you and your escort – should anything go wrong with your relationship. It’s best not to exchange numbers etc. you really don’t need to in order to enjoy each other’s company. This way either one of you can stop your “arrangement” any time you like, and you are both in control of this. Obviously it’s up to you what you disclose to your chosen girl, but we would advise that you try your best to keep it casual.

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