Redefining the “Dirty Weekend” with London escorts

Dirty weekend with London escorts

Not all the London escorts you’ll find these days are willing to go away for the weekend with you. However, you’ll find a great number of high class girls from Park Lane Escorts, well and truly ready to disappear into the countryside for the weekend…

Whether it’s a “dirty weekend” or not however, is entirely up to the girl you take with you, and of course the weather! The whole idea of dirty weekends came about when bosses used to take their secretaries away for the weekend on “business,” when their wives were none the wiser. That was in the days when mobile phones never existed, and to go away was literally to be out of touch with practically everything! It was easy to have an affair years ago. Perhaps some of you may remember (although we’re guessing not many of you!)

The modern day “dirty weekend”

The modern day dirty weekend is far less taboo these days, and much better planned. You can book everything online: tickets, flights, hotels, activities, dinner… hell, everything! The only thing you have to be more careful of is people finding out; if of course you don’t want them to know. We’re speaking to the married men here, and those in a relationship that is by no means “open”.

It’s not explicitly called a dirty weekend when you’re having one with a London escort of course. This is because you don’t know the girl you’re booking and you have no idea whether or not you will be lucky enough to engage in any sexual pleasures whilst you’re away. As a professional London escort agency, we certainly wouldn’t be stupid enough to offer your any guarantees! But then, what happens on your weekend away with one of our girls is entirely between the two of you. Just remember that a gentleman never expects anything from his lady!

Going away with London escorts

However, they will go where you want them to. After all, you have paid for their company, and it’s up to you where you take them; within reason of course! A weekend in the country, a weekend on a sandy beach, a weekend in your city hotel; you name it. As long as the girl you choose is well looked after and she enjoys herself, there’s no problem at all. You will find the girls to be very accommodating and perfectly charming at all times. And here’s a lovely little tune by the very talented Carole King, that will be sure to sear that thought into your mind. Park Lane Escorts will indeed “follow where you lead,” if you’re a good boy!

Call us at your convenience and we’ll chat about which of our girls could accompany you to your chosen travel destination…

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