Regular Clientele

Do London escorts like to have regular clients?

The short answer to this is yes of course.  However, we will go to some length to explain why this is so…

What so many people seem to forget is that London escorts are still women after all; albeit mostly young women, but women none the less.  This means that they’re human beings of course and they have feelings like anyone else, including nervousness and anxiety.

A regular mistress

Many of our clients and a great number of clients from other agencies have a regular mistress that they like to visit.  To begin with you should get the whole stereotypical image of a “mistress” out of your head because it’s simply not like that.  We don’t live in a “Carry On” movie and all our escorts do not carry whips and shackles!  A mistress can simply be a woman you visit regularly without your partner knowing, or of course you may not even have a partner; it’s not a prerequisite by any means.


Having a London escort you can visit, or have visit you, which knows all the things you like to do, accepts you as you are and appreciates your personality and appearance is indeed a wonderful thing.  This is the primary reason most of the regular clients at the top London escort agencies have regular girls they like to see; often at a regular time interval.

It’s important to understand that familiarity works both ways however.  In the same way you appreciate being with the same woman on regular occasions because she knows who you are and knows what you like, it works the same way for the escort. An escort will appreciate the opportunity to get to know you a little better and as time goes on you may find that your time together gets better and better.

Indeed, in many ways it’s actually like having a relationship.  The more you see of each other and the greater you nurture it, the better it becomes; there’s really no rocket science involved folks!  The only thing left to say is that if you haven’t found your favourite girl there are plenty to try out.

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