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18 May 2017

Romancing high class escorts isn’t a waste of time

high class London escortsIt doesn’t matter if the high class escorts you book have many clients or not, they all like a little romance in their life. Why on earth do you think all those “chick flick” movies are the way they are for Christ’s sake? It’s because girls like romance. It’s really simple guys.

And it makes no difference at all whether she’s an escort or a checkout assistant at Aldi, you can always do something to impress and knock them off their feet. Today we’re going to give you a few ideas about romancing the high class escorts we represent. We know all the girls personally, so we do get a good idea about what type of things and what type of men they like. They all agree that they like true gentlemen who know a little about setting the mood and being romantic.

How to romance high class escorts

So with that in mind, here are a few of our ideas.

  • Dress to impress. You might not think that it’s particularly romantic to dress up for your escort, but we are certain that she would disagree. Anyway, high class London escorts always dress up for you!
  • Set the mood. If you’re booking an outcall escort, make sure you set the mood in your hotel or apartment. Lower the lights (not in a creepy way!), play some nice music, get some candles, make sure the place is tidy, have drinks ready (expensive champagne etc.) Overall, make a really big effort to impress.
  • Treat it like a real date. For that’s what it should be! If you are doing your all to impress the girl you’re with, this in itself is very romantic indeed. Sometimes it’s the little things that impress even the best high class London escorts.
  • Take a gift. Don’t go overboard with the gift, but if you’re going to her apartment for an incall, take some flowers, a nice treat to eat, a bottle of nice wine, or perhaps something else that shows you’re out to impress.

Remember, don’t think for a moment that just because we’re talking about high end escorts, that your efforts are wasted. They may well have experienced what you do many times before, but it doesn’t make your efforts any less significant. What it says to your escort is that you actually care about them having a nice time and being respected too. This will go a long way with one of the Park Lane Escorts!

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