Mayfair escorts share the best breakfasts!

Breakfast with a Mayfair escort

There are a thousand different ideas about getting over a hangover. However, there’s only one possible way to avoid them. This is of course to stay away from the booze! Not as easy as it sounds though, we know. Our Mayfair escorts know what.  it’s like to have a bit of a sore head in the morning, even though they should be used to staying up late and partying. They have however come up with some very nice places to go and have breakfast in the morning. And to those of you who can crawl out of bed, having a good breakfast really does help you know!

The best Mayfair escorts and the best breakfasts

They really do tell us this stuff you know. Don’t expect everything to be English, and don’t expect a load of croissants and jam either. There are a few unexpected choices here, but our Mayfair escorts challenge you to at least try them:

  • Hawksmoor Guildhall - 10 Basinghall Street. The Full English is a must here!
  • Dishoom - 12 Upper St Martin's Lane. The bacon naan roll is the best choice here!

A little advice about your late night drinking

We thought it might be helpful to offer a little advice about partying. Mayfair escorts, and indeed all London escorts, have some first-hand knowledge about this and they like to be helpful:

  • Drink plenty of water. You don’t have to swap a drink with a glass of water like people say; that’s no fun at all! Just get a glass of water with each drink you get. This is easy if you’re seated. Restaurant environments are a prime example. You will find that if our Mayfair escorts are drinking champagne all night, they’ll often have lots of water at the table to sip throughout the evening. It’s all about hydration!
  • Don’t drink as much! The simple answer of course! Many London escorts really know how to pace themselves, and you will find that they will often drink slowly. You could take a leaf or two out of their book and pace yourself too. You might even find that you’ll enjoy your evening more. You’ll be in the company of one of the most stunning and attentive Mayfair escorts in the city, so it shouldn’t be hard to have a good time without too much booze!

Two very simple pieces of advice we know, but two pieces that we all sometimes need reminding about! Now there’s only one thing to do isn’t there? Book yourself one of our beautiful Mayfair escorts!

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