Running a high class escorts agency isn’t easy you know!

Running an agency

It’s not all you think it is! We’re not asking you to take pity on us of course, and we’re not asking for help, we just thought that you’d like to know a little about the day to day running of an agency. In this case a high class escorts agency; and believe us when we tell you, there really is a difference.

With a standard agency you can get away with a little more. An occasional late girl, or perhaps she doesn’t wear exactly what the client wants etc. These things can be tolerated by most clients when you’re running a cheaper service. After all, if you’re paying not much more than £100 per hour for female company, we wouldn’t expect much anyway. You’re sometimes lucky if these girls can even speak English, and the service… Well, the service leaves a lot to be desired in many cases. We have this on very good authority by the way, we’re not just putting them down. We’re sure they have a number of loyal clients, who would rather not pay much for their female company. But we know what they’re missing out on don’t we?

The running of a high class escorts agency

When you run a high class escorts agency you need to make sure that you’ve got your act together. To begin with, you are almost certainly going to have a more discerning clientele, and they’re sure to be professional, sometimes very powerful men. These gents know what they want, and they usually get it! If they want an escort to meet them in the lobby of The Dorchester at a particular time, you’d better make damn sure - as a high class escorts agency - that you can deliver.

Now you might think that this is pretty much out of our control, and you’d be right to a certain extent. Whilst we can’t physically go to our girl’s apartment and kick her out of bed and help her get her dress on, we can make sure that we only ever represent London escorts who have a proven track record of being high achieving, career escorts. You know the type we’re sure. Utterly professional at all times! When you ask genuinely high class escorts to be somewhere at a certain time, they very rarely let you down. This is because they know that if they do, the client will undoubtedly complain, and you will no longer list them. The girls don’t get many “strikes” in the high class end of the escorting world. This is why there are different levels in many respects. And if you consider it, when you have powerful, high paying clients as we do at Park Lane Escorts, you can absolutely understand that they would be upset if they were let down in any way.

The major problem with this for an agency

It’s nothing we can’t deal with of course, and we’re lucky enough to have been operating for long enough to develop a database of high class escorts that don’t present us with this problem. However, during our early days, and from what we’ve seen from new agencies that are finding their feet, it’s all about communicating with the girls you list. Sometimes you have to be prepared to get a call at a very unsociable hour, be professional at all times whilst taking the details of the booking, and remain confident with your client that you can deliver what they’re asking for. The reality is that then you may have to try quite hard to get hold of the girl they want! As we said though, thankfully we don’t have this to put up with anymore!

We’ll give you a little more insight into the running of an agency soon!

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