Say it with flowers!

Flowers say it all!

It’s an old saying we know, and probably one that was invented by the flower industry, but it’s actually quite true! Those high class London escorts love to be treated like the beautiful, deserving ladies that they are…

Have you ever actually given flowers to a woman? We would hope so! So you’ll know just how they react right? We know, it’s a bit strange when you consider that they’re literally just flowers. They don’t do anything, and they just die. They don’t even smell that good for long. Why not just give your woman the money? Anyway, they love them, so what’s to be done? Indulge them we suppose!

Same goes for high class London escorts

Just because these women are escorts, and they might well get gifts quite often, it doesn’t mean that your bunch of roses is going to mean any less to them. They’ll be made up, really they will. And although these girls are professionals, and they’re going to make sure you have a good time anyway, it can’t hurt to “sweeten the deal,” so to speak.

They have their other uses too!

You know what? It also looks a heck of a lot less suspicious turning up to an incall escort location when you have a bunch of flowers in your hand. It’s kind of like telling the world that you’re going to visit a woman, but it doesn’t shout out the fact that you’re trying to be discreet and that you’re going to see a high class London escort. Kind of like hiding in the open if you will!

It’s good to be a gent

And besides all that, it makes you feel good about yourself doesn’t it? Giving is good, and it always has been. When you give anyone a gift, their reaction, their smile and appreciation is something that will make you glow all day long. It’s not about getting an extra good service really at all, these are high class escorts we’re talking about; you couldn’t really not have a good time!

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