Secret bars for secret London escort affairs!

Secret bars and escorts

They’re not exactly secret in the respect that no-one knows about them of course, they wouldn’t be very lucrative businesses if they were! But they aren’t the easiest places to find and they’re not the most widely publicised places in London. Our London escorts have certainly developed a thing for them, and we think you will too…

We think it’s the next stage up from the “speakeasy” trend that hit the city a while ago. These bars are still around, and they’re a lot of fun, but they’ve been forced to up the ante, so to speak. Here are a few of them that we recommend. Well, in all truth, it’s not actually us that recommend them, it’s our London escorts that do; after all, it’s the girls that get to go out, not us sadly!

The Jam Tree

Clapham is home to this lovely little bar and restaurant. It’s nothing too fancy, and may not be a regular haunt for all you high flyers, but it does have a little secret. There’s a bar behind the bookcase! Yes, that’s right, in the tradition of virtually all the gothic novels you’ve ever read, The Jam Tree allows you to slide open the bookcase and step inside. Our London escorts have been in here a couple of times and they say that it’s pretty cosy, and you can even hire it out for a more private affair should you wish. A lot of fun!

Reverend J. W. Simpson

Not the type of person you’d expect to be associated with London escorts we know, but sadly for him, he’s long gone now. This place is a speakeasy that has resisted the urge to do anything overly fantastical in order to stay ahead. It’s a lovely bar inside the former flat of Reverend Simpson decease (1898-1989). We don’t know much about him to be honest, but we know he lived in this quaint Fitzrovia home between 1963-1987. You have to book in advance to drink here, but it’s always full of the very best patrons, and the décor is simply lovely; an atmosphere and experience not to miss. Apparently two of our high class escorts are very fond of the Mai Tai done by this place!

The Evens and Peel Detective agency

Literally what it sounds like! It’s a detective agency basically, but it’s not really. It’s a bar of course, but all the paraphernalia would suggest otherwise, right down to the frosted glass. It’s straight out of film noir! It’s another relatively well hidden place, in an unmarked building in Earls Court, but when you get there you’ll love it. They sometimes have special events on too like jazz and burlesque etc. Take a look at their website (the link above) and make an “appointment” before you book one of our London escorts!

Those are just three of the best we’ve been told. There are plenty more exciting bars in the city and we’ll tell you about them another time…

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