Some of the best hotels in the UK for this year

Best UK Hotels

Alright, alright, we know it’s the summer and we could have done this earlier, but we’ve been busy. But if you’re planning a little jaunt away with one of our fabulous high class London escorts, we’ve got a number of excellent suggestions for you. Take a little look at our top three for summer. They’re not just in London by the way!

Seaham Hall

Why not venture North? To be precise, the North East of England. Durham to be precise. It’s at the beach, which is lovely of course, but the best part for us, and arguably the high class London escorts you’re likely to take with you, are the suites. The suites at Seaham Hall are very cosy, and very relaxing. On top of this, Seaham Hall has the wonderful Serenity Spa and Byron restaurant, with a very nice tasting menu you have to try. Look it up and see for yourself!

The Mandrake

Alright, this one is in London. Shoreditch to be precise, on Newman Street from around £300 a night. But it’s a night you won’t forget. It’s plush interior is something to behold. Art all over the walls, and it has quite an alternative feel to it. You’re definitely going to want to take an escort with you to one of these rooms too. Beautiful courtyards, a fabulous trendy type bar and the restaurant is run by Michelin-starred Serge Et Le Phoque! You’ve got everything you want right here!

Ye Olde Bell Hotel

Retford may seem like an unlikely place for us to recommend, but Ye Olde Bell is really lovely, and quite the retreat for a pair of fun seekers like you and your London escort! We’ve actually been contemplating going for a holiday there ourselves! Nice and quiet! It’s had the welcome addition of a spa too, which we know you’ll love! The Herb Garden Brasserie is a lovely restaurant, and they do some wonderful seafood if that’s your thing. You definitely have to experience the massages in the spa though… Really, we’ve heard such good things!

Now all you need to do is book the lucky girl to go with you!

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