Spend the weekend with a high class London escort

Weekend escorts

A large proportion of our high class London escort client group do not actually live in London, or even live anywhere near London. They don’t work here either. Alright, some of them come in for work, but these clients mostly don’t have much free time, and those that do spend it with the people they work with. When you come into London for work purposes, you usually end up socialising with your colleagues. You don’t have to though, remember that you can always book a London for work purposes, you usually end up socialising with your colleagues. You don’t have to though, remember that you can always book a high class London escort!

Day tripper

Be a day tripper! London is a wonderful place, and not just because there are so many gorgeous London escorts available to you. We’re sure that we don’t have to tell you what there is to do in London. You’ll be aware of the sights and the shopping etc. What we will say however, is that it’s a lot cheaper than you think these days, regardless of where you are in the UK. Train journeys could always be cheaper of course, that’s a British curse, but they’re not entirely unreasonable. Return train tickets from about halfway up the country can be bought from between £50-70 these days. So you see, you really can become a day tripper and also have yourself a beautiful mistress to  visit in the city! Glamorous isn’t it?

A train journey isn’t as long as you think either. If you stick to “off-peak” times (usually after 09.00) you’ll save money as well as have plenty of time to get into the city. Direct train links from up north take only between 2-3 hours (obviously dependent on where you are travelling from).

Lunchtime high class escort

When you can get to London this quickly you can even plan a lunchtime escort meet up and have the entire afternoon to yourself. This will really break your day up and make it feel much more like a full day out experience.

Make a weekend of it

As well as getting cheap train travel, you’ll also find that hotels are very reasonable these days too. With all the new hotels and all the new booking websites etc. they all have to compete with each other so much harder, which means that your prices stay very reasonable indeed. If you want a little tip, go to websites like hotels.com. Not only will you get the best rates and be able to focus your choice with a variety of parameters when making your choice, you’ll also gain reward points to use on future bookings. Perhaps this is something that the high class London escort business could do with?

So with hotel rooms available at less that £80 a night in some cases (we’re sure there are cheaper rooms too of course, but we know you’re a man of taste!), you can afford to go away for the weekend! Think about it, even one night away could be less that £150; including your travel expenses! Add to this the cost of a high class London escort and you’ve still got an excellent value trip to London, with company!

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