Spend your money on escorts and not hotels

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So, this is for all you guys who travel into London frequently on business and you secretly want to have a little pleasure too! Are you tired of spending all your money on hotels and not having enough left to have a hell of a time with one our London escorts? Well, have you ever thought of spending less on your accommodation?

After all, it’s only a place to hang your hat, sleep and have a shower isn’t it? How good does it have to be exactly? We’ve got a few recommendations for you, and they’re all very budget. They’re budget, but they’re also incredibly good value, because you get everything you need. There are plenty of these little gems out there for the taking, you’ve just got to know where to look for them.

The Dome – Sloane Square

As we outline below, it will depend on when you book your room, or who you book it through. But the price is often less than £70 a night in most cases. This is a very good price considering that it’s located just off Sloane Avenue on Draycott Street. And it’s literally just around the corner from a couple of apartment buildings renowned for being the residence of a number of great South Kensington escorts. The rooms we are familiar with are all very clean and well maintained, with comfortable beds and great facilities.

Hyde Park Executive Apartments

This is on Inverness Terrace, in the heart of Bayswater, and it’s a great place for the added privacy. Unlike The Dome, this place has a limited front desk, which means if you wanted to book outcall London escorts to your apartment late at night, you can do so without any prying eyes on you. The apartment itself is basic, but it has all the usual kind of things you need. Good for if you’re staying for a few days. It has a fridge, cooking hob, kettle and all that sort of thing. Beds are real nice and it’s close to the station and a number of incall Bayswater escorts.

Book through hotels.com

When you book through hotels.com you get the chance to browse all the hotels and apartments in London on a little map. You set your parameters (how much you want to spend, facilities etc.) and you search. All the ones within your parameters will be highlighted in green and those that are available and just outside your parameters will be yellow. It’s a great way of discovering the places we’ve just listed.

Remember that the ones we have listed today, may not always be at the same prices. They have offers on all the time at these hotels, and indeed through hotels.com. It’s important to shop around. What you don’t need to shop around for are escorts. At Park Lane Escorts, you’ll always find the classiest and most reliable, value for money girls in the city!

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