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In his essay “The long bag we drag behind us” Robert Bly explains how all the things we are required to repress when we are young, all the things our teachers and co-workers don’t like about us, and perhaps more importantly what we choose to repress because of social pressure, are placed in a bag that we don’t open. But we drag this bag around with us. It’s a very simple, yet effective way of describing the negative impact of repression. We never get rid of this extra weight, so to speak, unless we choose to open it and take things out.

We don’t start out our lives in this way of course. As Bly points out, we begin as a “ball of energy” as a child, out of which the 20 year-old “ends up with a slice”. This is after they have spent their youth and adolescence pushing all the things others disapprove of into this bag. Not wholly un-useful of course. Some things like homicidal tendencies etc. need to be put away and never seen again (at least in our opinion), but do we really need to shut everything else up?

The London escort business

Take the London escort business for example. So many people frown upon it, and this has necessitated the vast majority of clients keeping it like a dirty secret in their already very full and very heavy bag. Just remember it’s likely already to be full of childhood repression, social convention and much more besides.

Opening your bag

The biggest problem with this, and what many of you will be thinking at the moment, is that most clients don’t want others to know about their dalliances with London escorts. This is very understandable. But there is a difference here. When we suggest opening your bag, we are not suggesting that you open it to the world. We are saying “open it up to yourself” above all else.

Even the most prolific escort hobbyist still hasn’t accepted this side of his personality. And it’s only through convention and societal pressure that he is continually telling himself that what he is doing is wrong. This is enormously difficult for some. But there are genuinely effective ways to help you “accept yourself” for want of a better phrase.

The importance of opening up your own bag and at the very least addressing its contents cannot be underestimated. What Bly goes on to tell us is that the longer we leave these things sealed away, the more they regress and “devolve”. He also mentions that these things that have been shut away “are hostile to the person who opens the bag”. If it is indeed left shut for far too long, an escort hobbyist may resort to self-loathing. A good example Bly writes about addresses the fact that a man may shut away his feminine side when he is younger, as it is very common for everyone to shut away things they are not wholly comfortable with initially, like sexuality for example. If he leaves his feminine side shut away too long without revisiting it “[their feminine side] may be by then truly hostile to them”. This will effect a man’s relationship with women in general.

We could perhaps hypothesise that men who see London escorts, may actually have shut away their feminine side when they were younger. Failing to understand or relate to women may have caused him not to attempt relationships or be otherwise afraid of them. The interactions he has with a young escort girl swill always be safe, assured and very brief in comparison.

So open up!

So, we suppose that after this somewhat philosophical article, we are advising you to open your bag and take a peek at what you find. Embrace your desire spend time with escorts first and foremost. Don’t allow culture, or opinion to dampen your enthusiasm. This is a service much like any other, so use it as you see fit! Once you begin to accept yourself, you will be far more relaxed and capable of having so much more fun!

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