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02 August 2017

Stopping the free movement of Europeans? What does this mean for London escorts?

high class London escortsWell, according to most sources it’s not going to happen until 2019, and to be perfectly honest with you all, we don’t think it’s going to do a damn thing to the industry. The UK aren’t going to stop people coming into the country for short periods of time on holiday or to visit friends and family. And to police this would be incredibly difficult. Besides, if nothing is happening until 2019, even if it did directly alter the London escorting community, there’s plenty of time for contingency plans!

Those already here are staying here!

Europeans that are already in the UK aren’t going to be kicked out either, that’s just ridiculous. There are a number of high class London escorts that have other careers over here in the city and their escorting career is a secondary source of income and more of a pleasure than a job anyway. You may already know some girls like this? Actually, disregarding the other jobs, all the girls at Park Lane Escorts pursue this career primarily for pleasure. That’s what makes us such a good high class agency!

Don’t forget that we have plenty of English girls too

Even if in the unlikely event that there was a considerable decrease in European escorts, we have enough English girls for you. And they can’t do anything about the free movement, or indeed the free will of an English London escort can they? So, we’re not going to delve into the “ins and outs” of the whole thing, because like everything else in this government, it probably won’t even come to pass. Theresa May doesn’t exactly have a great record where keeping promises is concerned!

Our new location galleries

We’ve been busy at Park Lane lately too, in case you haven’t noticed. We wanted to improve our site’s navigation, so we have added some more key locations for the girls. We know that location is arguably one of the most important, deciding factors when booking a girl; especially for an incall. There are areas of London you gentlemen feel better visiting an escort, and there are those that are more convenient. So do take the time to explore the locations, you will find the girls accurately placed in each; some will of course come under more than one area.

Always striving to deliver the best high class London escorts in the city!

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