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If there’s anything a high class London escort knows about, it’s how she likes her men to look when they take her out. What we’re going to write here isn’t at all required, but it’s a good idea to get used to making an impression on the woman you’re with, we’re sure you’ll agree…

This includes all the women in your life of course. If you have a wife or girlfriend, it’s important to continue to make the effort if you want things to stay as they are. Alternatively, if you’re dating and looking for the ideal “other half,” the same can be said.

So, onto your attire! It all depends on where you’re going to dinner really doesn’t it? There are three types of dinner date attire really, and we would strongly recommend you don’t muddy the water, so to speak, by making it more complicated than it is!

  • Formal. Very swanky and very important events and dinners require a formal suit. A tuxedo, a formal dinner jacket, bow tie etc. You know the thing. Be sure not to wear this to any other type of dinner though, otherwise you’ll look a bit out of place. Our high class London escorts have one very important tip for you here. Apparently, you’d be very surprised at the amount of people who get their footwear wrong. Make sure they’re formal shoes, not boots, and they have a nice shine!
  • Smart. Smart means just that. You’ll almost always need to wear a jacket. What’s more is that you’ll need to wear trousers. Now these don’t have to match of course, as long as you have good dress sense! No jeans here. We’re talking about going out to a nice restaurant. Somewhere that high class London escorts frequent etc. Think Heston’s place at The Mandarin Oriental. A tie is good, but these days, you can wear a tie for casual and smart dinner dates really. However, if you’re uncertain about a certain restaurant, do call ahead to find out if they have a dress code!
  • Casual. This is the only time you’ll get away with jeans. We’re talking about going out to a bar and then maybe dropping in somewhere to eat. At the lowest ledge, a chain restaurant or something, but use your loaf and go for a smart look anyway. A jacket, and if you’re wearing a shirt, tuck it in!

Now you could get away with a suit for all three of these of course, but it just depends on what type of guy you are. One thing is for sure, you can always get away with a suit, and you can dress it up or down to suit the occasion. One thing can be applied to all of the above: always have nice footwear. High class London escorts don’t go out for dinner with gents wearing working boots; and certainly no-one who doesn’t bother to clean their shoes!

Now, you’re ready to impress…

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