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09 February 2018

Taking the afternoon off (to see Knightsbridge escorts!)

Knightsbridge escortIf you work in London we have a great idea for you. If you work in and around Knightsbridge, it’s even better! We know that there are plenty of you looking for excuses to book Knightsbridge escorts, but most of them are for bookings when you’ve finished work and you want to go home late. You’re looking for an excuse to tell your wife or your girlfriend, and this usually involves something to with work colleagues, or public transportation. Tricky excuses to get a handle on, and they don’t leave you much margin for error really, do they?

Take the afternoon off

Our idea is a little different. Have you ever thought of taking the afternoon off? There are two good reasons to do this in order to see Knightsbridge escorts. The first is that practically all London escorts, regardless of their location, are more readily available in the afternoon, since they get booked up in the evening with the “after work” crowd. As long as it’s after lunch you’re safe, since most of the girls sleep until midday due to late night bookings!

Secondly, you have a lot more room to play around with time before you have to usually be home. If you can a Knightsbridge escort and still be home on time, you’re not going to arouse suspicion with your partner at home. How do you do this?

Well it’s really very simple. You go sick! Seriously, trust us, we know how to best pull the wool over the eyes of your partner! How often do you actually do this? We’d wager that you never take the afternoon off. And ask yourself, who is likely to find out? It’s not as though your boss or manager is going to call home, and even if they did, you can easily explain that you took a little walk in the park to get some “fresh air” or something, due to feeling so very ill. So, take the afternoon off. Just be bold and do it. Tell the boss you feel sick, leave and book one of our Knightsbridge escorts; or indeed any of the girls, anywhere in the city. Any kind of enquiry isn’t likely to happen and more than likely won’t even go on your work record, since you turned up for work in the morning and will have simply gone home early in their eyes.

Don’t say we never help you with anything!

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