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05 March 2018

The best of the best don’t “list”

beautiful blonde escort in the mirrorToday we’re talking about those gentlemen that obsess about what “services” are on offer. Well, we don’t mind telling you that at an agency like ours, we don’t do that. We represent the London elite and we serve the London elite.

And these people know that they’re among the best in the city. Gentlemen that book their company from us are respectful above all else. This means that, regardless of how much money they’re spending, they understand that what happens on their date is always going to be decided by themselves AND their chosen companion. They realise that women are not machines, that they have feelings and that they will only ever do what they are comfortable with. We are dealing with confident women here!

We rarely get complaints

We’ll be perfectly honest with you here. At Park Lane Escorts we very rarely get complaints. And here’s some more honesty for you. If we ever do get any, it’s usually from a client who doesn’t respect women. One who demands this and that, and subsequently becomes upset when he is denied his desires. If you are going to treat women like objects and not give them choices and/or opinions, we suggest you book from a cheaper, lower end agency. To be perfectly honest, we are never worried about losing clients like this anyway. We get enough repeat business from respectful, truly charming gentlemen.

What you can expect

Most of the girls in the Park Lane Escorts gallery are high in price. What you get is an outstanding, beautiful and professional London escort. You get a girl with her own mind and her own desires. And considering that you’ve booked though an agency such as ours, that really ought to be enough for you.

So when you feel like asking whether a girl does this or that when you call to book, just take a moment to consider the person you are, and the person you’re booking. Believe us when we tell you that the best escort dates are those that are allowed to progress naturally, without any expectations on either side. Now, go choose your perfect date and give us a call.

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