The Chelsea Cloisters debate

Chelsea Cloisters escorts

We won’t argue with anyone who says that there are a number of escorts in Chelsea Cloisters on Sloane Avenue. Indeed, we are certain that a number of the girls in our Chelsea escorts gallery reside there. But what we would disagree with is the terminology used by the UK press after all this debacle involving Moran and his Tory party donations.

To begin with, the story wouldn’t have even made the papers if it wasn’t for the fact that Moran owns the building and he donates money the Tories. If this wasn’t the case, everything would be just fine.

“Ten Floors of Whores”

This is what we object to mostly. We realise that this is a quote that many others use to refer to Chelsea Cloisters, but it captures the vain in which the articles were written. The papers refer to the girls as prostitutes, and we don’t like that. We don’t like it because this term refers to girls standing on the street selling sex for money. It also makes people think that trafficking is going on and that there is some kind of pimp behind most of the “prostitutes” in the building. This is not what a London escort is. To begin with, she’s not on the street, she’s not controlled by anyone, she’s selling her companionship to paying clients, and what she does with them is her own damn business.

Even if she did want to have sex with them and she charged them a specific amount of money with this express intention, it’s not illegal anyway! A woman (or indeed a man) is legally allowed to sell sexual services for money if they wish. The only thing that is illegal is the control of prostitution. So we are sure you can imagine how some of the girls felt after discovering all this written about the place where they choose to do business. There are also no rules that expressly disallow anyone in Chelsea Cloisters having visitors. And after all, that’s all these clients are, visitors.

The aftermath

The truth of the matter is that there is no aftermath to be perfectly honest. It’s just a case of more news drowning out this news. Theresa May is paying the money back or something (we don’t care) and the rest will be buried with news about Brexit etc. we’re sure. What these newspapers fail to realise however is the profound effect they have had on a number of legitimate London escorts in that building making a living in a way they choose to.

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