The continuing trials of a high class escorts agency

High class escort agency woes!

Arguably one of the most frustrating things about running a high class escorts agency is the organisation it takes. There aren’t simply hundreds of beautiful young women sitting in apartments all over London waiting to be activated you know! They all have lives, some of them have other careers, and they all have a private life (that’s sometimes complicated, just like yours and ours!) Sometimes, not always, the girls don’t tell us they’re available, or they tell us they are and they’re actually not, etc. etc. and to be honest, it takes the patience of a saint at times! Now, with a high class escorts agency, you can imagine (as we mentioned in our last article) that the pressure is well and truly on to perform as the best in the industry. This requires us to strike a very difficult balance with the girls we represent. We have no control over the girls at all in reality, nor would we want any to be perfectly honest, we’re sure their lives can be relatively chaotic at times! But what we do have is choice. In much the same way as they can choose which agency to represent them, so to can we choose which girls we want to represent.

Do we kick them out?

Well, you have to be patient with girls when they join your agency. You have to allow for transitional phases and also for personal/private problems etc. Sometimes the girls struggle with finding suitable places to stay, sometimes their careers and/or studies get in the way, and all manner of other things. So we remain patient to a point. If it becomes detrimental to the reputation of Park Lane Escorts, then we simply stop showing the girl on the website; thus she no longer gets any bookings through the agency. We can’t mess around with escorts, giving them loads of chances etc. It’s not how a high end operation runs; not in today’s highly competitive industry!

Sitting by the phone…

Yes, we have to sit by the phone A LOT! You might not think this is that much of a problem, but as we’ve said consistently about running a high class escorts agency, you have really have to give it your all; and that means everything. That means you can’t suddenly decide to go to bed, or go out to a nightclub. When a high class escorts client calls the agency, you answer, it’s really as simple as that. Now in order for this system to work at its most optimal, requires you to have reception staff that are just as reliable as your high class escorts. It’s the only possible way! There’s no point in getting some ill-disciplined young girl at home with her boyfriend or out with her mates, ready to answer the phone. If you don’t get someone who you can completely trust with the phone call bookings, you’re going to lose respect, and this can be catastrophic when you’re running a high class escorts agency; as opposed to anything of lesser quality and service.

Hey! We’re not bellyaching!

We’re really not, we love what we do! We just thought that it would be interesting to continue our insights into the high class escorts business. It beats just writing any old nonsense on here. We do like to offer some useful information and some interesting, thought provoking articles. That said, if you’d like to know anything else about our job and how we do it, do drop us a line, we’d be happy to answer you via another article. Or if you’d like info about a girl or service, it’s probably best to call us directly.

Have a lovely day…

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