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07 December 2017

The emotionally unavailable man

London escortsThe emotionally unavailable man is not always a “pig” or someone who simply doesn’t care, we are well aware; even though so many others don’t agree. There are so many reasons why a man can be emotionally unavailable, and very few are anything to do with his choosing. When you operate a popular London escort agency you find out a lot about your clientele. Not by being nosey, or at all invasive, you understand. It’s just that some people freely offer up information, whether you’ve asked for it or not. It allows us to better understand people in general. Some people claim that barbers and barmen know more about “the human condition” than most, but London escorts could tell you a lot if they weren’t so discreet and professional.

The anxious man

Anxiety problems are a chief cause of men being rendered emotionally unavailable. It may be helpful to come up with a capsule definition of what we mean by “emotionally unavailable”. By this we mean predominantly men who are unable to commit to a relationship in any “real” emotional way. It’s significant that we put emphasis on the word “real” there, because in a number of cases, some men are forced to invent and pretend emotional attachment and interaction, just to fit in. As we said, anxiety problems can cause this. Some men simply cannot speak to women, never mind pursue any kind of emotional relationship. Should this mean that they be unable to enjoy the company and affections of a woman? We think not too! This is why there are London escort agencies like ours. They allow important human interaction, never mind just female interaction. Meeting with, and communicating with other people is essential to a healthy existence.

The unavailable man

Another example of an emotionally unavailable man would perhaps be a man with a family, who doesn’t want to introduce a new woman into the family dynamic. Single fathers fit neatly into this group. Whilst they may well need the emotional support of another woman in their lives, they may be reluctant to go down that road, particularly if their last relationship ended badly. It could be just a simple timing problem perhaps. Now, we ask again, should this man be denied the companionship – albeit temporary – of a beautiful young woman?

Booking London escorts to alleviate your situation

So, if you’re a man reading this, you really don’t need to stay alone. You can still enjoy the companionship of attractive, witty and intelligent women, but without the commitment. And what’s more, you won’t be judged.

If by any chance you are a woman reading this article, you may have a better understanding of the male condition. It’s not always as simple as you think. Here at Park Lane Escorts, we recognise the diverse nature of our clients and serve everyone, regardless of their reasons for seeking companionship.

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