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Prices are ridiculously horrendous when it comes to housing in Knightsbridge, we’re sure many of you are aware. Even some of the most affluent people in the country can’t afford to live here. A recent article on The Spectator covers the “broom cupboard ban” in some detail, and we would like to relate this directly to some of the Knightsbridge escorts we represent; this way you will perhaps see that it’s not all sunshine and roses for these lovely young women.

What’s the “broom cupboard ban?”

This is a rather tongue in cheek expression that refers to spaces in London that are less than a certain size (less than 39 square metres). As you’ll see in the picture we borrowed from The Spectator’s website, places like this will no longer get planning permission. Bad news for a number of those people who want a very simple place to crash to save those commuting hours every day, and also bad news for some outcall only Knightsbridge escorts of course. In fact, it’s not a good sign for those looking to offer modest incall services either. According to The Spectator: “

…The space standards mean the end of any new residential property in London selling for below £400,000, and nothing for rent below £300 a week…”

Larger spaces mean Knightsbridge escorts have to earn more money

This is yet another valid reason why Mayfair and Knightsbridge escorts cost a little more than the average courtesan in the city. It’s not simply that they’re high class anymore, they have to pay the rent! And when you consider that these young women are trying to maintain a foothold in the “high class” end of the escort industry, they are pretty much required to keep a decent flat in order to accept high end incall bookings. Knightsbridge escorts that don’t offer incall services do not do nearly as well in London today.

It’s not all bad

There is of course a silver lining for the Knightsbridge escorts currently operating in the area. With this exclusive transformation in effect in Knightsbridge, whereby only the super-rich are able to live, the very best escorts will at least have a new clientele; a clientele that doesn’t have to worry about the price when it comes to escort service. If they can afford the best of the best in terms of location and accommodation, they can afford the very best Mayfair and Knightsbridge escorts.

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