The latest and greatest hotels in Mayfair

Great Mayfair hotels

In their “humble” opinion of course. Humble perhaps, but no less well-informed to say the least. Mayfair escorts should be hotel reviewers really! They’d make a nice second income their if they chose to…

Perhaps that job wouldn’t be glamourous enough though. After all, these sort of beauties aren’t designed to be sitting behind a desk writing reviews, they’re meant to be strutting their stuff in the lobbies of the most glamourous hotels in the city, showing off their lovely bodies in fabulous dresses and killer heels! Mayfair escorts anywhere else are a wasted! So let’s look at a couple of our girls’ firm favourites when it comes to those fancy hotels.

  • Flemings Mayfair. This isn’t really a highly expensive place to stay when you compare it with some in Mayfair, you can get a good room from around £230 a night! But our Mayfair escorts really like it; we’ve never stayed their personally. They tell us that the service is good, in particular the concierge service. They never have a problem visiting Flemings and they love meeting clients in the bar for cocktails, and although the rooms are on the smaller side, they’re very cosy and intimate.
  • The Connaught. At around double the price of Flemings, The Connaught really does give you double the luxury. This is a hotel that makes London very proud, and Mayfair escorts from a large number of agencies have stayed here over the years. You need to be careful to only book the high class girls to visit The Connaught however. These guys are used to a certain type of clientele. Gorgeous terraces that catch the sun, lots of little extras, wonderful suites, are all among the things our girls enjoy about this place. However, surprisingly enough, when we asked what the best thing was, most said the afternoon tea!

Why outcall Mayfair escorts are a good choice

You may not always be able to get a room at one of those places of course, but there are plenty of others in the area you could stay at; even at short notice. A simple Google search should point you in the right direction. That good old “Do Not Disturb” sign is arguably the very best thing about having time in any classy hotel. This is simply because it really does mean what it says, and the hotel staff take notice; particularly in Mayfair of course! You’re never likely to get bothered in a hotel like you perhaps would at home. No visitors as such, no friends or relatives popping around for a chat etc.

So book yourself an outcall Mayfair escort from us… 

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