Breakfast or brunch in Mayfair?

Brunch with a Mayfair escort

Mayfair escorts are experts at the night before, as you know, but they’re also pretty good at knowing what to do and where to go the morning after! So we thought it’s time they shared their experiences with some of their favourite clients…

When it comes to choosing between breakfast or brunch, we’re big believers in making your choice based on how good the night before was! And we can tell you without a word of a lie that the Mayfair escorts we represent are among those that have the very best of nights out in London. We’re talking about nights out in the best clubs in the area like: Cirque le Soir, the Cuckoo Club, Lou Lou’s and Drama. These type of places are open most of the night, so by the time you’re finished it’s already breakfast time! So perhaps we’d best focus on brunch?

Anyway, here’s our Mayfair escorts list of the best breakfast and brunches in Mayfair:

  • The Wolseley – Next door to The Ritz, you’d expect it to be pretty good right? Well, it is, simple as that. It’s not unusual to see Mayfair escorts breakfasting in here, sometimes with their friends, sometimes alone. The place offers superb food (we recommend a mixed basket of croissants!), and great coffee! It’s open from 7am daily and the service is excellent.
  • HIX– This place is relatively new, but it’s made a big impression on us and all the Mayfair escorts we represent. In fact, it’s had quite an impact on all the girls we represent! It’s a beautiful place, and there’s loads of modern art scattered around the walls in a lovely atmosphere. You can get a three course brunch at HIX, but it’ll cost you £50. Now, to most of you that isn’t expensive, but to some it’ll sting a little. Make no mistake about it however, you won’t need breakfast or lunch after you’ve had it. We’re talking about gammon steaks here, with eggs etc. followed by things like pineapple upside down cake! Hell, you might not even need dinner!
  • 45 Jermyn St – It’s more old school here, traditional and overall lovely! Full English breakfasts, porridge, omelettes, and crumpets with marmite are the order of the day here. But mark our words when we tell you that it’s not only a Mayfair escort’s favourite place, it’s everyone’s favourite. Breakfast or brunch, it’s a hotspot for meeting up with friends after a night out. In fact, the place is so relaxed, and the food is so good, you could spend your entire day in here if you had the money to sit there!

Overnight Mayfair escorts

So, speaking of breakfast or brunch, perhaps you’d like to spend the whole night with one of our Mayfair escorts and then go to breakfast with them too? Despite what you might look like in the morning, you can guarantee that the escorts you book from Park Lane Escorts will look fantastic!

Try one of our Mayfair escorts out… We dare you tell us we’re wrong!

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