Weekend away with a London escort: Golf!

Golfing weekend or London escorts?

We know there are hundreds of you out there who like to play golf, and we also know how much your wife or partner looks forward to you getting out of the house for a while; or they’re fed up with you doing it. It just occurred to us that if you’re looking for an excuse to call on high class escorts, you could simply tell your good lady that you’re going golfing with friends…

Of course this would have to rely on your friends being very loyal, but then we know how you gents are with your “boys club!” What gets said and done within the club is more than likely part of some weird code or set of laws you have between you. Be very aware of those who you don’t fully trust however. We don’t mean any offence, but if you’re going to book high class escorts and tell your wife that you’re with a friend, you need that friend to be 100% in agreement with your plan!

Hotel and an incall?

You can make an incall booking at any one of our girls’ apartments if you like, but you’ll be in the city of course. This wouldn’t perhaps work very well if you actually live and work in London. You never know who will see you. Unless of course you simply stay in your hotel most of the time, take some room service and then go home in the morning. A whole day and night in some of London’s luxury hotels can be a very pleasurable experience indeed; made all the more pleasurable with the help of high class escorts of course!

Getting out of the city with London escorts

You can bet your life that the London escorts we represent like to leave the city once in a while. They’re the type of girls that are very versatile and adaptable. You can take these girls quite literally anywhere should you wish. So why not book a weekend in the country, or of course another city in the UK if you’re into the whole city thing. The journey alone can be a very lovely experience!

Take them golfing!

You know you could actually take one of our girls with you if you actually did want to play golf. Believe us when we tell you that they’d be plenty happy enough in your resort hotel waiting for you to finish. You could be out there playing on the back 9, thinking about your high class London escort soaking in the tub, getting ready for your return by pampering herself and getting dressed up for dinner. Now, wouldn’t that impress your friends? Not to mention that they wouldn’t have to cover for you, because you actually are on a golfing break. In actual fact, why not tell those of your closest friends about Park Lane Escorts and perhaps you could all take one of our lovely high class escorts with you on your golfing break!

Nothing is as impossible as it first appears gentlemen. All you have to do is seize the day!

Carpe Diem!

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