The real cost of dating in 2016

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When was the last time you went on a date? If you can’t remember, then you’re probably doing alright, if you want our honest opinion. You know our London escort agency isn’t a big fan of long term monogamous relationships…

More often than not, dating leads to monogamy eventually, and we live in an increasingly insular society these days. What we like to do, and who we like to do it with, is something we like to keep to ourselves. We like our own company more than ever, and on the whole, we’re better off both financially, physically and emotionally! Hell, why do you think London escorts are doing so well these days? It’s easier to book one and have one evening of pleasurable company, than actually make yourself responsible for the maintenance of an actual relationship!

The cost of dating

So, ask yourself, what is the true cost of dating in 2016? And we’re not speaking figuratively or anything either, we mean pound notes! Let’s have a little look. So you

  • Drinks. Most dates begin with drinks right? And despite the fact it’s 2016, you’re still expected to buy the drink sadly. So, maybe a couple of drinks each? £20-30 sounds about right. But you could end up buying an expensive bottle of champagne couldn’t you? (something our high class escorts love by the way!) This could be up to a couple of hundred if you’re a high flyer (or even more of course!)
  • Dinner. So where are you going to eat out? And how much is this going to cost you. You’re a gentleman right? So you’re going to pay. Again, sadly it’s still normal for the gentleman to pay! Let’s face it, it’s going to cost you between £150-200 in London.
  • And who knows, you might be one of those guys who likes to buy a new set of clothes for your date. Or perhaps just a shirt? In fact, let’s say you’re just buying a shirt, so we’re being fair. What would you spend on a shirt? This is where we could come unstuck! We don’t want you to think we’re way off here, but let’s say you spend £60-100 on a shirt. We’re betting you’re a classy guy!

Remember, that’s not mentioning all the other costs: like your time, your efforts, the stress and strains, the anxiety etc. and everything else you can think about!

The cost of a London escort

Let’s make it simple in comparison. And you can book a London escort from Park Lane Escorts for this price. Ready? You can book a London escort for £250! Take a look at Sia for example, a gorgeous young woman, who could be all yours for just £250… A fraction of the price of a date these days! Have we made our point?

It’s a no brainer right?

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