The rich history of Mayfair is having a revival

Mayfair history

Well, if you live in Mayfair you’ll know already of course. But we recently read an interesting article on about how Mayfair became so cool and we’d like to try and get an angle on it with the help of our Mayfair escorts…

If you want to know about the cool spots in the area, and you’re not a local, then you’ll need to a Mayfair escort. Seriously, these high class professionals get to go out all the time, and they go to all the latest and greatest places in town. You’ve probably seen a number of our Mayfair and Knightsbridge posts have been about these places. We do like to keep you well informed.

However, most of the attention has been on this new breed of “hipster” joints in Shoreditch and areas like that lately. It seems like poor old Mayfair hasn’t been the talk of the town. Mayfair escorts have always been the talk of the town in the “hobbyist” circle of course, but we thought it was about time we looked at just how the most expensive place on the Monopoly board came to be so.

The makings of Mayfair

Mayfair has a very rich history of being the place to be when you think about. And we’re sure those “Bentley Boys” in the roaring twenties would have appreciated the Mayfair escorts of today as much as they appreciated their scores of mistresses in the area during their time. Its origins go back even further of course. Back to the eighteenth century in actual fact, when the land was bought by the very wealthy Grosvenor family. Now, anyone who knows anything about money realises that it takes money to breed money, and that’s basically what happened. From then on it’s been home to the rich, and a place for the rich to hang out; despite it’s relatively unassuming position in the Londoner’s psyche over the last few years.

Mayfair today

According to the news, and verified by our Mayfair escorts, it appears that today Mayfair is getting a new lease of life breathed into it. On top of the tailoring revolution happening there at the moment, as attested to in the article we read, there has been an onslaught of foreign investment and interest in the area. This isn’t a negative thing by any means of course. Not counting the high class escort bookings that have increased, it seems as though all this new life in the area is in keeping with those old Mayfair traditions. It’s the image their buying into, as well as the great property and culture.

It’s all good news then! Why not browse our Mayfair escorts for a true sense of taste and style…?

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